Liquid Waste Collection, Removal and Disposal

Liquid Waste Collection, Removal and Disposal
  • Gulley Cleaning and oil interceptors
  • Removal of debris/fat and Effluent 
  • Pump Station and chamber cleaning
  • Septic Tank/Cesspit waste disposal
  • fuel spillages 

Do You Require Liquid Waste Removal Services?

Ensuring that liquid waste is disposed of properly can be a difficult task, However, failing to dispose of your liquid waste properly could potentially cost you much more than you think.

Logical Drainage Solutions offers a wide range of liquid waste removal services across the UK. This includes the removal and disposal of all types of wet waste.

Gully and oil interceptor waste removal. 

A gully is a concrete pot within a ground surface that will only be noticeable due to the iron gate placed on top of it. Gullies play a key role in stopping flooding in outdoor areas such as roads, yard spaces and gardens, 

gullies can accumulate a build-up of excess deposits and sediment which leads to them becoming blocked and preventing them from functioning correctly.

To ensure that gullies can work as they are intended, they must be cleaned properly. Here at Logical Drainage Solutions, our team are experienced in providing gully cleaning service and is fully equipped to tackle any cleaning that may be needed. 

Septic Tank/Cesspit waste disposal

Septic/cesspit tank cleaning is an essential part of the maintenance, however, it is often one of the jobs that people put off. It is an important aspect of septic/cesspit tank maintenance to consider and it shouldn’t be forgotten about.

Failing to ensure a septic tank is regularly cleaned can lead to larger, more costly problems and this is why we recommend seeking the help of a team of professionals whenever you feel that your septic/cesspit tank needs a once-over.

Pump Chamber Waste Removal 
A pump chamber or pump sewage station is found in drainage systems such as when effluent or surface water requires the need to be discharged to the mains sewage treatment or a septic tank. if gravity prevents the wastewater from being pumped due to the site having a higher water level, then you will require a pump chamber. The purpose of the pump chamber is to distribute effluent wastewater and sewage to the main sewage system by pumps. 
Failing to ensure a pump chamber is kept clean could cause the pumps to fail and potentially cause flooding and can affect the life span of the pump set to be shortened.

Our team can help ensure that liquid waste removal is undertaken correctly and compliant with environmental regulations. Get in touch today to learn more.

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