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Internal & External Drain Unblocking
  • 2 hour response for blocked drains

  • 24-Hour Call Outs with no additonal fees
  • 95% success rate for restoring flow on the first attendance

Blocked Drain Specialists Unblocking & Emergency Repair 

If you've got a blocked drain, Logical Drainage Solutions offers a fast and efficient drain blockage clearance. Whether it’s a blocked sink, an overflowing toilet, or a deeper-rooted problem - our team has the knowledge, skill and experience to solve your drainage problem. Our vans are equipped with the latest technology to ensure that your water will be following away again in no time!

Whether you’re a commercial or residential property owner, we can help! No matter where you’re based you’ll be able to make use of our fantastic drain-unblocking services. We understand that blocked drains can cause all sorts of issues. So, if your drains are overflowing, your sink, bath or shower is failing to drain, or you’ve noticed a bad smell coming from these areas, then it’s time to contact our team and use our drain unblocking services. 

24-hour Drain Unblocking Emergency Helpline

Unfortunately, a blocked drain won’t fix itself and if left untreated, the problem is likely to get worse over time. Our experienced team at Logical Drainage offers fixed prices for drain repair services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We provide a same-day response to your drainage emergencies and will be only a phone call away to unblock your drains in the East London area. 

Our friendly team will be happy to arrange a convenient time for you whether it’s an urgent appointment or simply a time that fits around your schedule. 

 What Causes Blocked Drains? 

There are several ways that drains can get blocked, but it most commonly tends to be an issue which occurs over time. Our drain unblocking services ensure that your drains are cleansed thoroughly which will also help to prevent reoccurrence in the future. 

Common causes of blocked drains include: 

Limescale build-up in heavy water areas 
A build-up of fat and different types of grease washed down the sink 
Tree roots
Sanitary products and paper towels
Buildup of hair 

 Internal and External Unblocking Drains 

Internal drainage issues can cause many inconveniences, especially in sinks, showers, toilets and bathrooms. From toilet augers to drain rods, our experts provide all the tools to clear stubborn blockages. 

For external drainage blockages, our team will use heavier-duty equipment including rods and high-pressure water jets. This will tackle hardened cement and construction adhesives. 

Blocked Drain Services

Call our 24-Hour Help Centre now, for a FREE no-obligation quote to discuss our drain unblocking services and drain repair services. Logical Drainage Solutions do not charge a call-out fee. We’ll send an Engineer out to you as soon as possible, once they’re on site they’ll carry out thorough investigations to find the necessary procedures to clear the blockage as quickly and efficiently as possible. All Engineers will attend with High-pressure water jetting units and electro-mechanical machines, hand tools and CCTV surveying equipment. 

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