Fuel Interceptor 

Fuel interceptor
  • must be cleaned once yearly due to environmental laws
  • keeps rainwater systems flowing

Fuel Interceptor Cleaning and Maintenance in East London, Watford and Essex

Logical Drainage Solutions offer thorough and efficient fuel interceptor cleaning and maintenance services in Essex, Watford, East London and other surrounding areas.

What are Fuel Interceptors? 

Fuel interceptors are installed into areas where there is a high risk of fuel contamination to our sewers, water plants and natural watercourses. Fuel interceptors are an essential piece of kit as they separate oil and fuels from wastewater produced on your site.

Fuel Interceptors are commonly found within car parks and rainwater systems. The Environment Agency recommends that fuel interceptor emptying is carried out every six months to avoid blockages and prevent pollution of your drainage systems. Fuel interceptors work as a final defence against polluting sewage and watercourse systems, so it’s crucial that the installation and maintenance are correct to reduce the risk of flooding and contamination.

Fuel Interceptor Cleaning & Emptying

Regular fuel interceptor cleaning ensures your site is running efficiently, minimising the potential of downtime in an emergency due to pollution or drainage problems. If you do not have a fuel interceptor cleaning regime in place, you run the risk of your interceptors not fully functioning and if there were to be a spill, you are at risk of being prosecuted.

Logical Drainage Solutions LTD offer a fully comprehensive and guaranteed service for all your fuel interceptor cleaning and maintenance solutions to businesses across East London. 

Fuel interceptor cleaning involves, but is not limited to: 

  • Checking the integrity of the interceptor and all its mechanical components.
  • Inspecting the filters. 
  • Assessing the number of contaminants that have collected in the tank.
  • Inspecting supporting infrastructure including manholes, pipework and gullies.
  • Safety checks to ensure your interceptor is meeting environmental regulations.
  • Detailed log and service of each inspection including cleaning, repairs and any incidents noted during the inspection.

Our team of drainage engineers can help clean and empty fuel interceptors across East London, Watford and Essex to ensure they remain clean, functional and compliant with environmental regulations. Get in touch today to learn more.

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