Excavations and pipe replacement 

Excavations and pipe replacement
  • repair and replace drainage systems easily
  • repairs and replacements to internal and external drainage 

Excavations and Pipe Replacement

Drain excavation is a method used to fix drainage problems but is usually used when there is no other alternative. Our experienced team at Logical Drainage Solutions LTD can deliver pipe excavation services to all kinds of properties and businesses across. While we do treat it as the last resort, we will use other methods to ensure a repair or pipe replacement are tried first.

What Does Drain Excavations Entail?

The process of drain excavations involves physically digging a hole or trench to the drainage pipes that need to undergo a repair or a pipe replacement. The hole will be dug manually as any High-pressure water jetting or mechanical equipment could cause more damage to the drainage system.

When is a Drain Excavation Necessary?

Drain excavation is used when other methods fail or are unsuitable. If the drain is old or experiencing multiple leaks where the drainage has seriously collapsed, a pipe replacement will be a more viable solution. Some of the most common problems which can require drainage excavation include:

  • A build-up of earth subsidence causing pipe disconnection 
  • Flooding in the pipes
  • Tree roots intruding the pipes

How Logical Drainage Can Help

Logical Drainage Solutions LTD will carry out excavations to repair and make alterations to drainage systems. This includes both internal and external systems ranging from replacing sink waste or soil stack pipework to excavating and installing a new drainage system. In addition to the actual site work, these projects involve: 

  • Site assessment 
  • Health & safety considerations 
  • Materials storage 
  • Site reinstatement

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