Drain relining repairs “no dig repairs”

Drain relining repairs “no dig repairs”
  • no excavations required
  • cost effective 
Drain relining could be a more cost-effective alternative to repairing a defected drain. The ‘no dig’ technology is often less disruptive than an excavation. A no-dig repair is a full length or sectional repair which is installed into the drain run. 

Once installed the repair will have a life expectancy of up to 50 years as tested by product manufacturers. All repairs carried out will be post surveyed on completion with an accredited report. The most common uses are root intrusion, bad/leaking joints, breaks, fractures and some collapses. 

A sectional patch repair is a fibreglass matting which is covered in a resin and installed into the drain on an inflatable packer. Once the packer has reached the defected section of pipe it is inflated causing the patch to adhere itself to the internal wall of the pipe. Once the resin has set the packer is deflated and removed from the drain leaving the sectional patch repair as the new fully formed section of pipe. This repair takes around 1 1/2 hours to carry out.

Structural cipp lining is when you have multiple defects or a total collapse of a drain. An endless length of needle felt liner, which has been impregnated with resin, is pushed or inverted into the drain. An air calibration hose is then inserted into the liner and inflated, causing the liner to open to the diameter of the existing drain. The calibration hose is then removed once the resin has set, leaving the newly inserted felt liner in place. This creates a new seamless pipe replacing the old defected drain also improving flow. This repair takes around 4 hours to carry out.

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