Drain cleaning and descaling

Drain cleaning and descaling
  • Maintain flow
  • HP water jetting
  • Electromechanical machining 

Drain Cleaning and Descaling Services 

Using high-pressure water jetting and electromechanical machining, we can clean both internal and external drainage systems. Regular drain cleaning can help to maintain flow and prevent pipework from blocking. It can also help if you’re experiencing bad smells too. 

What is the Best Drain Cleaning Method?

Both high-pressure water jetting and electromechanical machining is effective at clearing blocked drains and removing silt, soft deposits, scale, fat, grease, rag, cement, roots, removing objects and much more from drainage assets. 

What is High-Pressure Water Jetting?

High-pressure water jetting is carried out by sending water from a tank through a pump, then into a hose. A water jetting attachment fit for the works is applied to the end of the hose which is sent down the drain or sewer with the pressurised jets of water cleaning the pipework. The pressures used are typically between 1,000 psi to 15,000 psi. 

What is Electromechanical Machining?

Electromechanical machining is a reeled cable being sent down the drain with cleaning attachments on the end of the cable. The cable is then spun at a high rpm causing the cleaning attachment to scrape the inner walls of the drain to clean the pipework. We can carry out these works on drainage up to 300mm in diameter. We can use this technique to remove scale, roots, cement and fat from drains. 

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