CCTV surveying

CCTV Surveying
  • find faults quickly within pipework
  • full accredited reporting on findings
  • home buyers & insurance surveys undertaken 

CCTV Surveys 

In need of a CCTV Survey? Logical Drainage Solutions offers fast, efficient and accurate drainage CCTV Survey services fully MSCC5 accredited reports and site plans.

What is a CCTV Survey? 

CCTV Surveys are carried out to inspect the structural integrity of pipework and find faults within problematic drainage. It can also be used to locate blockages too. Whether it’s a blocked pipe, bad pipe joint, a fracture, break, collapse, water ingress/egress or roots that are causing issues, we can locate the issue with the use of our high-tech CCTV equipment that comes in all sizes of pipework.

How Can a Drainage CCTV Survey Help? 

All CCTV Surveys are recorded and handed to the client accompanied by a comprehensive and accredited CCTV report. Within this report, you’ll see that all drainage defects identified will be highlighted and number graded showing the severity of defects found. 

Home Buyers, Build Over & Insurance CCTV Drainage Surveys 

The team at Logical Drainage are experienced in undertaking home buyers, build-over, and insurance CCTV drainage surveys. This service is important to undertake before purchasing a new property and undertaking building refurbishments as it will help to establish any drainage defects. The process is quick, and easy and will provide you with peace of mind before the big moving day arrives! Once complete, you will get to keep a full copy of the report along with copies of all footage taken from each drain surveyed. This will help you to get drainage assets insured with your building insurance which is useful to have in the event of any drainage issues that occur later down the line. 

Could A Drain Survey Help Solve Your Rat Problem?

Over 90% of rat problems within homes and properties in the UK are because of faulty drainage systems. So if you are hearing rat noises in your walls, ceilings and under your floor, and the normal rat control methods aren't working, we can help.

Rats can enter through displaced drains, broken or cracked pipes and redundant drains.

We use the latest survey equipment, to carry out a professional drain survey, to identify any faults and defects, which would allow rats out of the sewers and into your home.

Our drain survey report will list the defects, with recommendations for all drain repairs. 

Logical Drainage Solutions teams of highly qualified drainage engineers have the knowledge, experience and technology to be able to assist with all of your drainage needs including drainage CCTV surveys. Get in touch with us and find out how we can help you. 

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